CIDI sends its support to victims of anti-Semitic attack in France

CIDI Press Release- The Centre for Information and Documentation Israel in The Netherlands, CIDI was shocked to learn of the anti-Semitic attack on three Jewish youths in Paris last Saturday, September 6th. They were severely beaten by a mob of youngsters.

According to the reports, the youths were attacked for no other reason than their descent. This is a grave incident of the purest anti-Semitic nature.

CIDI-director Ronny Naftaniel has wished the victims a speedy recovery and expressed his support to them, to their family, their Jewish Youth Movement Bnei Akiva and the entire Jewish community of France.

The French wave of anti-Semitism is of a violent nature, with hundreds of attacks reported by the French Ministry of Interior.

The racist kidnapping and murder of Ilan Halimi in 2006 was the most severe case, but violent attacks against Jews unfortunately occur regularly. According to the 2006 annual report of the official Commission Nationale des Droits de l’Homme, over 45 percent of perpetrators of anti-Semitic incidents were French muslims or foreigners with a Muslim background (whether practicing Muslims or not), while the extreme right was responsible for about 10 percent.

CIDI urges the French authorities and their European counterparts to fight anti-Semitism in France, so that the stream of threats to French Jewry is halted.